The Icelandic Government Information Centre Here you will find a wealth of information on Iceland - its nature, society and people - and links to hundreds of related web sites.
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Alert about Lice
Grunnskóli: Tilkynning um höfuðlús
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Work in Iceland
Vinna á Íslandi - stutt kynningarefni
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Reykjavík City Library Reykjavik City Library is an information- and cultural institution.

Books in other languages than Icelandic are available at the library, mostly English, Scandinavian languages, German and French, but also several other languages.
Borgarbókasafn Reykjavíkur
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The Ministry of Education, Science and Culture The Ministry is divided into three Departments and four Offices:
  • Department of Education.
  • Department of Science and Higher Education
  • Department of Cultural Affairs.
  • Office of Information and Service, Office of Financial Affairs, Office of Legal Affairs and Office of Evaluation and Analysis.
  • Directors direct the Offices and Departments.
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The City of Reykjavik’s Policy in Education The City of Reykjavik’s Policy in Education. Pre-schools and Compulsory schools. 2006.
The City of Reykjavik’s Policy in Education
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Questions and answers for multilingual families A strong grasp of the mother tongue also helps them learn Icelandic as a second language, and is important for interaction within the family.
  • Bilingualism – benefits for the individual and society
  • Can children learn two or more languages equally well?
  • Which language should we speak to our child?
  • Which language is best to speak if parents each have their own mother tongue? 9
  • Can my child learn Icelandic if I speak my mother tongue?
  • Is it bad for the child to mix languages?
  • What should I do if my child responds in Icelandic?
  • What can I do to strengthen the child’s mother tongue?
  • How can I help my child learn Icelandic? 19
  • What should I do if the child stops speaking at pre-school?
  • Glossary of terms
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The State Diagnostic and Counselling Centre The State Diagnostic and Counselling Centre serves children and adolescents with a disability wherever they live in the country.
Greiningar- og ráðgjafarstöð ríkisins
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