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Pre-school<br />Information for parents of foreign origin
  • Law governing pre-schools in Iceland since 1994
  • Pre-schools in Reykjavík
  • Is it compulsory to attend pre-school ?
  • Who operates the pre-schools?
  • Is pre-school for everyone?
  • Where can I seek a place in pre-school?
  • How long can the child be at pre-school?
  • How much does pre-school cost?
  • What is included in the pre-school fee?
  • What does the child learn at pre-school?
  • What does my child do at pre-school ?
  • What is the importance of pre-school for a bilingual/multilingual child?
  • How does the pre-school benefit from my child being bilingual?
  • Are all pre-schools the same?
  • Is it possible to choose a pre-school for the child?
  • Do pre-schools have a summer holiday?
  • Are there other pre-school holidays?
  • Is it possible to get day care for the child before s/he gets a place in a pre-school?
  • Where do I get information about day care providers?
  • How much does day care cost?
  • Are other day care options available?

Upplýsingar um leikskólann
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Summer Vacation
Leikskóli: Sumarleyfi
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The Ministry of Finance The Ministry of Finance oversees State finances and is a centre for innovation regarding government operations.
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Multicultural Centre The Multicultural centre has the fundamental role of facilitating communications between individuals from different backgrounds, and to enhance the services provided to foreign citizens residing in Iceland and to those interested in moving to Iceland.

The Multicultural centre provides an extensive number of services for foreigners. Among other services, the Multicultural centre offers assistance through phone in English, Polish, Serbian/Croatian and Thai.

The Multicultural centre also conveys Icelandic news in Polish (page 138) and Serbian/Croatian (page 139) through the RUV-TV teletext.

The Multicultural centre is located at Árnagata 2 in Ísafjörður, and provides services for the whole country.

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Informative Material from The Public Health Institute of Iceland - Publications in English Informative material as from Lýðheilsustöð (The Public Health Institute of Iceland). The brochures are in Icelandic but the text has been translated into English, both completely and as an excerpt containing the main issues from the text.
Fræðsluefni Lýðheilsustöðvar
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Important Organizations Links to Important Organizations in Iceland.
Rauði krossinn - mikilvægar stofnanir á Íslandi
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Primary Health Care of the Capital Area Primary Health Care of the Capital Area operate fifteen health clinics and five additional specialized centres in Reykjavik and vicinity.

The health care clinics offer various medical and nursing services, general medical service, general nursing care, infant og maternity service, school nursing, vaccinations for adults, health care for the elderly etc. The health clinics´activities are directed towards neighborhood services and are expected to serve inhabitants of particular parts of the capital city area. Here is a link to a map showing locations and service areas.
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Ministry of Industry Energy and Tourism ['The Ministry of Industry: industrial matters, industrial development and innovation, the Technological Institute of Iceland and the Building Research Institute of Iceland', 'harnessing, transport and distribution of energy, energy sources, energy research and utilization of energy, district heating plants and electric plants, the National Energy Authority and the Energy Fund, mines and mining', 'industrial rights, legalization of professional titles in the field of technology and design,industrial enterprises with governmental participation', 'standards and the Standards Council of Iceland', 'regional development, the Institute of Regional Development.']
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Notice of Bump on the Head
Grunnskóli: Tilkynning um höfuðhögg
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