The City of Reykjavik’s Human Rights Policy. The City of Reykjavik’s Human Rights Policy. May 16th, 2006. Human rights are protected by the Icelandic constitution, as well as numerous human rights conventions and declarations Iceland is a party to. These international conventions and the clauses in the constitution pertaining to human rights are used as the foundation for the City of Reykjavik’s human rights policy.
Mannréttindastefna Reykjavíkurborgar
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Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Iceland Agencies under the Ministry for Foreign Affairs
  • Icelandic International Development Agency, ICEIDA
  • Icelandic Defence Agency

Agencies linked to the Ministry for Foreign Affairs
  • Trade Council of Iceland
  • United Nations University (UNU) Geothermal Training Programme
  • UNU Fisheries Training Programme
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Immigrant registration and notice of transferal
Innritunar- og flutningstilkynning til skóla
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Is that something for you? Sports and leisure activies in Reykjavík
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Safe shelter, for women and children Safe shelter, for women and children when they are physically or psycologically abused in their own home by husband or other familymember. The shelter also offers assistance for rape victims.

Helpline, call 561 1205. Women can call us for information and support at any hour. Others who need information about violence against women are also welcome to call us.

Support visits, where women can find support and information without staying at the safe shelter. Please call 561 1205 to make an appointment.
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Glossary of terms for prechools
Leikskóli: Orðalisti
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My Municipality
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Shopping List
Grunnskóli: Innkaupalisti
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Standardized Tests for 10th Grade
Grunnskóli: Samræmd próf fyrir 10. bekk
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Statistics Iceland Statistics Iceland is the centre for official statistics in Iceland and collects, processes and disseminates data on the economy and society. Statistics Iceland is divided into three divisions – economic statistics, social statistics and resources and services.
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