The objective of the project is to support those job seekers who's right to benefits has been fully extinguished or will be fully utilized in 2013, to find employment in the job market.

The aim is to offer every job seeker who has in the period of 1st of September 2012 - 31st of December 2013 fully utilized his or her right to benefits (counting approximately 3.700 job seekers) employment or courses to enhance their employment prospects in 2013 given that they register for the project Liðstyrkur.

2.200 temporary jobs will be created for long-term job seekers in the aforementioned group in 2013.

The Local Authorities will provide 660 jobs, the State will provide 220 jobs and the private sector will provide 1.320 jobs. In addition, those in need will be offered courses to improve their employment prospects.

Every job seeker within the aforementioned group who registers will be offered a job. The aim is to ensure that no one loses their right to benefits without acquiring a job offer.

The Directorate of Labour will subsidize employers´ start-up costs in creating temporary new jobs and the funding towards each job-placement will equal basic unemployment benefits in addition to an 8% payment towards a pension fund, totalling 186.417ISK per month. The employer will sign a conventional contract of employment with their employee and pay according to union agreements.

Those job seekers who require an employment prospects enhancement course will be referred to VIRK (www.virk.is) where such courses are held.

A special "waiting-grant" is on offer for those job seekers who have claimed benefits for less than 42 months when their their to benefits expires. The grant can last for up to 6 months maximum or until an individual has been offered a job. The grant is equal to the job seeker's previous benefit income.

Liðsstyrkur - atvinnuátak
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Visual Guide to eReykjavík and how to use the Leisure Card:

PDF file for download and sharing:

Visual Guide to eReykjavik and how to use the Leisure Card

Powerpoint skjal með leiðbeiningum (á ensku) fyrir notkun á Rafrænni Reykjavík með tilliti til Frístundakortsins og PDF skjal til niðurhals og dreifingar
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The Ministry of Welfare renewed a contract between the Ministry and the Human Rights Centre about legal counseling for Immigrants. The Centre provided this service last year and due to the demand the Centre met in 2012, the Ministry will give the Centre subsidy to keep this service going in 2013.

The service is free of charge and interpreters are provided if needed. Appointments may be reserved by email at info@humanrights.is or by phone, 552-2720.

Further on human rights (Q & A): http://www.humanrights.is/english/qa/

Lögfræðiaðstoð fyrir innflytjendur - samningar endurnýjaðir
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Brochure published by the Ministry of Welfare and City of Reykjavík - pdf

Við og börnin okkar - pdf
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The National Centre for Educational Materials Námsgagnastofnun, The National Centre for Educational Materials (NCEM), is a state-run publishing house, under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture and Education in Reykjavík, Iceland. NCEM provides the compulsory schools (6-16) in Iceland with all kinds of educational materials: books, online materials, video and CD´s.
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Christmas Vacation
Grunnskóli: Jólafrí
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Leisure Card System (PDF) A grant from the City of Reykjavík to engage in leisure activity
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The Directorate of Customs in Iceland The Directorate of Customs in Iceland was established in 1929. From the beginning, the main service functions have remained the same. Firstly, to control import, transit and export, and secondly, the collection of duties, taxes and various state revenue. The Directorate of Custom´s main objectives are to strengthen control, hinder importation of illegal goods, ensure correct levy of import charges and improve collection results.
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Directorate of Labour
  • Unemployment right and registration:
  • Jobs and information on the labour market:
  • Labour market statistics:
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